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Health Clinics in L.A Borrowing Money to Stay Open

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California's inability to pass its budget is of course hitting the more disproportionately harder than anyone else. While the rich can afford rising health care premiums and keep their children out of the crumbling public education system, the poor must make do with what is left of the state infrastructure. And unfortunately for them, there isn't much left of it. From the L.A Times:

Stung by a budget stalemate that is costing Los Angeles County community clinics more than $330,000 a day in reimbursements, many clinic managers have been forced to take out loans and contemplate cuts to staff and services.

Without the funds from Medi-Cal, the state insurance program for low-income patients, 41 clinics statewide have applied for loans from a fund created in response to the budget impasse. With $22 million available and $31 million in requests, organizers have approved only 27 loans, said Sean South, spokesman for the groups that created the fund.

The loans are a lifeline to those who desperately need assisstance, but they are a short term fix and will quickly dry up if the state is unable to pass a budget. And then the consequences will truly be tragic.