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Ed Miliband Beating Brother in Poll

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Some excellent news for those who believe the Labour Party should turn Left rather than follow the Conservatives and Lib Dems into the ever deepening center:

David Miliband admitted today that his campaign had received a "wake-up call" in the form of a poll putting him two percentage points behind his brother Ed in the Labour leadership contest, and urged people to get out and vote for him as the candidate the Tories feared the most.

The Miliband brothers enter the last full week of the Labour leadership contest fighting for every last vote after the Sunday Times poll put them neck-and-neck but predicted for the first time that Ed Miliband could narrowly win.

A win for Ed Miliband would breathe life back into the tired politics of triangulation and confused economic policy that destroyed the New Labour project. The younger Miliband has put forward some extremely attractive policy proposals including a real living wage, serious taxation of the financial sector, and a shift in emphasis to other industries outside the city. His better Left wing credentials look to be gaining him support, a fact that should sting Tony Blair and the other New Labourites convinced following the Tories is the best way to win elections.