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Introducing Dr Terry Jones

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Terry Jones, America's latest nut case 'Christian', is planning to burn a pile of Korans next Saturday in order to mark the 9th anniversary of 9/11. Just check out his youtube promo that looks like a bizarre mixture of Brave Heart and Rush Limbaugh:

It's difficult to put into words what a complete idiot this guy is, but luckily we have an experienced satirist like Chez Pazienza to provide the entertainment:

While Terry's strictly a tomato can when placed against heavyweight psychopaths like Fred Phelps, he's got a certain flair for the theatrical and he exudes the kind of confidence that can only come from believing that the world's going to end in a few years and you'll be one of the few sitting next to Jesus laughing at the undeserving as they fry on the Earth below. He holds court like your crotchety and half-senile grandfather, the one who inevitably hijacks every family gathering by forcing you to sit quietly at the kitchen table while he regales you with stories of killing slopes in Korea, the good old days when a white man had his own bathroom, and his singular understanding of why them Jews and Palesteens can't get along.