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Iraq War was a Crime, not a Mistake

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John Pilger rounds on Labour leader hopeful Ed Miliband for refusing to call the war in Iraq what it really is: A monstrous crime agains the Iraqi people:

Miliband, like his brother David, the former foreign secretary, and almost all those standing for the Labour leadership, is immersed in the effluent of New Labour. As a New Labour MP and minister, he did not refuse to serve under Blair or speak out against Labour’s persistent warmongering. He now calls the invasion of Iraq a “profound mistake”. Calling it a mistake insults the memory and the dead. It was a crime, of which the evidence is voluminous. He has nothing new to say about the other colonial wars, none of them mistakes.

There is an unspoken agreement in Western media and political circles (particularly those dominated by the Murdoch empire) that nothing their country does is morally wrong. Their governments can commit strategic errors, but never crimes.

Barack Obama denounced the decision to go to war in Iraq as a 'tragc mistake', but never once questioned the legality of the war or its morality. The truth is, Britain and the United States are up there with the biggest criminals in history. The combination of colonial expansion, genocide of indigenous peoples and relentless war to expand markets rivals anything Stalin's Russia and Hitler's Germany achieved in their heyday (just ask the Native Americans), yet we are incapabale of calling them what they are. When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, it was a crime. When we did it, it was an intervention. When China took over Tibet, it was a brutal and criminal occupation of an indigenous people, yet when we destroyed Iraq and built military bases all over it, it was called a mistake.

There is one rule for us, and another for everyone else. And unfortunately, zero logic in how those rules are applied.