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Liz Cheney vs George Bush

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In a sign of just how insane the Right now is in America, GOP darling Liz Cheney is taking a stance on the New York Mosque debacle in direct opposition to George Bush. From Greg Sargeant:

As you've probably heard, Republicans are currently attacking the Obama administration for sending Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind the "Ground Zero mosque," to the Mideast to discuss life for Muslims in America. The problem with this attack line, as many have noted, is that this Imam was chosen for this program by none other than the Bush administration.

That's absurd enough on its own. But I wanted to highlight another interesting aspect of this: The attack has now been joined by diehard "Ground Zero mosque" opponent Liz Cheney -- whose father, of course, was a fairly high level member of the administration that originally sent the Imam to the Middle East for the same reason the Obama administration is now doing.

As Andrew Sullivan writes:

Some of us are beginning to see the relative moderation and sophistication of George W. Bush.

How very sad.