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Andrew Breitbart: A History of Lies

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Matt Osborne compiles the history of professional liar Andrew Breitbart:

Breitbart emerged in 2009 with the introduction of prank videos made by James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles in ACORN offices around the country. Said videos were selectively edited to create an appearance of improper conduct by ACORN staff. Breitbart participated in deception efforts, telling the Washington Times that O’Keefe had been dressed in a pimp costume when he visited ACORN offices. In fact, O’Keefe had never been dressed as a pimp in any ACORN office. Confronted at the 2010 CPAC Convention, Breitbart danced around the issue, calling O’Keefe’s costume “minutiae” despite how the entire narrative of the scandal revolved around it. Breitbart later confronted Max Blumenthal in what would prove to be a pattern of behavior under examination: Breitbart responds to exposure by attacking the motives of those who expose him.

This would be born out in his next big scandal. In 2010, Breitbart released a video of US Department of Agriculture employee Shirley Sherrod speaking about an encounter with a white farmer. The video had been closely edited to portray Sherrod as a racist. Sherrod was forced to resign her position. Within days, however, the full video emerged and it was clear to everyone that Brietbart’s video was a fabrication. Once again, Breitbart’s response was to attack the White House, the NAACP, and Shirley Sherrod. He continues to protect the source of the video while claiming the president and the White House are orchestrating a campaign against him.

Matt is orchestrating a campaign to delegitimize Breitbart in the blogosphere by having serious bloggers refuse to link to his site (no links from me either). As Matt writes:

Legitimate bloggers should avoid linking to his websites. Bloggers and other new media content creators who work for Brietbart, or who post to his sites, should be considered fruit of a poisonous tree.