Fox News asks Whether Poor Should be Allowed to Vote


I had to listen to this twice to make sure I got the premise of this Fox News segment right:

The fact that this is even brought up as a subject shows you just how insane the network is. The topic is of course loaded regardless of whether the commentator is for or against allowing people who do not pay taxes to vote. Once you ask the question, the cat is out of the bag, and a million pissed off white people will use it as their talking point at Tea Party rallies. This then gets funneled through the usual Limbaugh/Beck outlets and the next thing you know there's another Tea Bag type movement to disenfranchise 46% of the population from taking part in democracy.

Perhaps the question could be re-framed: Should people so poor that they cannot pay any income tax not revolt and demand a living wage? If we had a responsible journalistic culture in America we might see questions like that asked and the debate shifted away from the perspective of the rich minority to that of poor majority. (h/t Cesca)