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Tea Party's Obsession with Reverse Racism

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Matt Taibbi on the obsessive behavior displayed at Tea Party rallies:

I remember being in Nevada with one group of Tea Party folks: I had
one guy in my ear for a full half an hour about how “the mainstream
media” had reported that a white man with a gun attended an Obama
speech, and how in the end it wasn’t a white guy at all but a black guy…
or something along those lines. The guy was staring at me like he had
just told me the greatest and most interesting story since the Gospel
and expected that when he was done, I would get the whole world on the
phone so that it could apologize to him personally for how that initial
misreport had made him feel.

Your average person doesn’t spending
hours a day pondering his racial victimhood like this – not unless he
enjoys it, and if he enjoys it, he’s an asshole! (Especially if he’s
white. If he’s white, the scale of his assholedom is almost

People like Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck pounce on any infraction a mildly powerful black person/organization has or is perceived to have done, dedicating hours of television to the insidious nature of the free riding welfare queens who are taking money away from hard working white people. The behavior is bizarre to say the least and I can't imagine why anyone would work themselves up to a frenzy like O'Reilly/Beck and the Tea Party folk do on a daily basis. As Taibbi points out, the threat isn't exactly huge:

I caught Glenn Beck talking about some case involving a Black Panther
who was intimidating people at a voting booth back in 2008 – the guy had
this pervy smile on his face that made him look exactly like one of
those creepy dudes sitting hunched over at the edge of the bed playing
the cuckold in cheating-wife porn videos. Over the Black Panthers! Who
the hell has even seen a Black Panther since the seventies? The whole
thing reminds me of that Chris Rock routine about Native Americans –
“When was the last time you saw two Indians?”

My guess is that it feeds some basic narcissistic urge that requires your own failures to be explained by the actions of someone else -- preferably someone with darker skin.