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On Bristol and Levi's Engagement....

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I'm really not interested in whether Bristol Palin and Levi Johnson are splitting up/getting married/getting divorced etc, but I do find the way in which their latest relationship development was revealed in the media. Palin and Johnson announced their engagement in US weekly magazine, apparently not having told matriarch Sarah Palin about their decision. This is probably complete nonsense and just a way to sell more copies of the magazine, but the ongoing saga of the Palin family and their relationship with the parasitic media is morphing into a very strange alternate reality. I don't know anything about basket ball, but I also watched the extremely weird Jim Gray 'special interview' with LeBron James where the basketball star announced his decision to switch teams - an idea not born out of journalistic integrity, but a money making scheme pitched by Gray to super agent Ari Emmanuel who sold the idea to ESPN.

All in all, a very bizarre week in reality TV, politics and sports. Writes Chez Pazienza of the Palin debacle:

LeBron aside, this move truly
does establish the Palin clan as the world's preeminent "real" Reality
TV family. They're the kind of fully-formed meta-creation even Charlie
Kaufman -- or maybe Disney -- couldn't have dreamed up. As
Taibbi alluded to over the weekend,
we're way beyond the
looking glass now; it's only a matter of time before we have a
presidential election in which the campaigning and voting take place
entirely on Facebook and Twitter.

With Sarah Palin apparently amping up for a Presidential run in 2012, I'm half expecting a reality show about it where we get to watch Sarah and Todd select VP candidates by making them do snow mobile races across Alaska while shooting baby seals (whoever kills the most wins).

And the sad thing is, some network super douche has probably thought of that already.