It's Not Your Fault.


Wi$e-Guy Money Roll by Gnerk.

(Warning: This is a bit of a ranting post, so be prepared)

This is a post for all of you who are either unemployed, directionless, or without hope of a bright career or economic future.

Let me start off by saying that it is not your fault.

The modern economic system we live under promises us all we can become rich. We can't. It is as simple as that. When wealth inequality is at a historic high, and social mobility at a historic low, the chances of making it big in America are very, very slim.

This is a deliberate ploy by the mega rich who have bought out the political and media system and used them to entrench themselves as the owners of society. The nonsense we hear about 'free market economics' is a trick to convince people that they are responsible for their own failures, that if they are not good enough to survive capitalism, they simply don't deserve to eat or have health care. All the while, those same preachers of Darwinistic economics are busy raiding the government coffers when their derivative trading schemes back fire or their mortgage backed securities collapse in a bursting real estate market.

The saying that 'the rich get richer and the poor get poorer' has never been truer. Our economy is set up to benefit the rich - the lack of labor laws (and lax immigration) mean capitalists have a constant supply of cheap workers. A huge percentage of the population can be fired and hired at will, with most working without medical benefits or any type of retirement package. While people like Alan Greenspan praise this 'flexible labor' model, it means chronic insecurity, fear and exploitation for those living it.

The chances of climbing the ladder get slimmer and slimmer as education costs go up and wages go down. Only the very rich can afford for their children to go to good schools, ensuring they have a better chance of replacing them as the owners of society.

And even those able to get an education are unlikely to scale the same heights as those who went before them. The ladder has been built and those at the top are busy kicking the rungs away one by one.

So if you are feeling inadequate about your lack of success or failure to become the person you always thought you would, don't.

It really isn't your fault.