Iran's Threat Debate


One reader writes in:

Is Iran a threat?? Hmmmmmmmmmmm That's a toughie...Let's see. They have threatened to wipe a sovereign country off the map.They deny one of the worst chapters in human history ever happened..And they are hell bent on acquiring nuclear weapons..And you don't see anything inherently threatening in that??? Seriously???

And another responds:

Rhetoric is always used by leaders for various ends and doesn't inherently make a country more dangerous or threatening. And in any case, as I'm sure you know, Ahmadinejad never used those words. What he did was quote a former Iranian leader, Khomenei who referred to a regime, not a country, and didn't mention the word "map" at all. He was talking about removing the regime from Jerusalem, which is a lot less apocalyptic than what is commonly misquoted.

You seem to apply the words of one man to the entire nation. I don't think you'd find a majority of Iranians denying the holocaust. Imagine if people automatically assigned the statements and views of George Bush to the American people.

As for the nuclear weapons point, this should definitely be taken seriously, I agree, but what would you do if you were Iran?