Obama's Afghanistan Fantasy


Andrew Sullivan on Obama's fanciful thinking about Afghanistan :

Last fall, we discovered that Obama was a dreamer and actually believed
he could pull off - a decade late - what no invading army has ever
pulled off in Afghanistan since the beginning of time. The shift came
last fall with the policy review, and now we have a hundred thousand
troops, dying at record rates, to implement a counter-insurgency
strategy, based on the one that so glaringly failed in Iraq. (For those
who believe the surge has succeeded, one must simply ask: where is the
non-sectarian Iraqi government that was its stated goal? Why was Joe
Biden in Iraq again this past week?)

The current US strategy in Afghanistan (ie. being there) is utterly, utterly pointless. Given that 1. No one has ever conquered the territory before, 2. We don't actually know why we are there, and 3. We can't afford it, means prospects for success are severely limited. And sadly, Obama is staking his political career on it. How will it end? If Obama stays the course, it could ruin his Presidency.