Mitt Romney Slams Obama on Nuclear Weapons


Trust Mitt Romney to jump on the wrong band wagon at the wrong time. Check out this chest thumping bravado from an article he penned in the Washington Post:

Despite all of this, the president's New Strategic Arms Reduction
Treaty (New-START) with Russia could be his worst foreign policy mistake
yet. The treaty as submitted to the Senate should not be ratified.

New-START impedes missile defense, our protection from
nuclear-proliferating rogue states such as Iran and North Korea. Its
preamble links strategic defense with strategic arsenal. It explicitly
forbids the United States from converting intercontinental ballistic
missile (ICBM) silos into missile defense sites. And Russia has
expressly reserved the right to walk away from the treaty if it believes
that the United States has significantly increased its missile defense

Romney's rant is of course completely meaningless. Firstly, 'missile defense' is a misnomer. There is conclusive evidence that shows the U.S. National Missile Defense effort doesn't work. The extraordinarily expensive technology is basically used for two reasons:

1. For international aggression. Placing 'shields' around the globe is a not so subtle way of saying 'we've got our eye on you'. Can you imagine Iran placing a missile defense system in Canada? We would take it as a declaration of war.

2. To continue funding tax payers money to the military industrial complex.

Other than that, there can be no other reason why the US would spend billions of dollars on technology that can be circumvented very simply (according to the PBS report linked to above, creating decoys is a very easy way of fooling the technology).

Secondly, why shouldn't Russia walk away if the United States breaks an agreement to stop proliferating nuclear weapons? This type of imperial arrogance is why America is hated around the world. People like Romney insist on an international system that has one rule for America and one for the rest of the world. Russia must abide by its international commitments, but America can choose not to.

Obama isn't exactly a dove (just look at his continued aggression in Afghanistan), but he is at least trying to build sustainable partnerships with other world powers on an equal footing. After 8 years of belligerence that resulted in two failed wars, a seriously tarnished image around the world and zero good will towards America, one would have thought Romney would choose a slightly more nuanced approach to international relations. But Romney is a captive to the Sarah Palin Right so will continue to spout neo con gibberish in the hopes of capturing the hearts and minds of the ignorant.