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North Korea Destroyed by Portugal in World Cup

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North Korea will be making a quick exit from the World Cup after a humiliating 7-0 loss to Portugal. The plucky team managed to lose only by a goal to Brazil in the first match of their group, but the lack of international exposure and seasoning shone through against Portugal, a team many believe has good chance of wining the tournament.

While it might be easy to laugh at the score (7-0 in soccer is a very bad way to lose), there should be some serious concern for those involved with the North Korean team. Kim Jong Il isn't exactly known for his kindness, so the team could potentially be punished for their poor performance. The game was aired live in North Korea - an apparent first, and the 'Dear Leader' will not be happy with the way his team played. Given we know barely nothing about the hermit nation there will be no way of finding out whether the team are subjected to any disciplinary action, but given the way in which regular North Koreans are treated, it doesn't look good.