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Why is the Left Still Freaking Out Over Obama Speech?

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Andrew Sullivan on the bizarre obsession with Obama's body language/tone of voice/choice of tie during a speech that was, in the scheme of things, completely irrelevant:

The speech is still being dissected by language experts, but the $20
billion that is the front page news in the NYT today? Barely anywhere on
the blogs.

This is just a glimpse into the distortion inherent in our current
political and media culture. It's way easier to comment on a speech -
his hands were moving too much! - than to note the truly substantive
victory, apparently personally nailed down by Obama, in the White House

I have to say, the Left is complicit in all of this, and while I side with them on many issues, I'm not exactly sure what Obama is supposed to do about the oil spill. It was caused by BP, and no one that we know of has the technology to fix it, including every other foreign government/transnational corporation on the planet. Obama inherited a government weakened to the point of break down after 8 years of rampant underfunding and downsizing, and he is doing his best to turn around a crisis that he played no part in causing with the limited resources he has. Complaining about a not particularly great speech is completely pointless given it has no effect on whether BP takes responsibility for the havoc it has caused. Taking them for $20 billion does, and Obama should get a little credit for it.