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Glenn Beck Calls Himself a 'Journalist Without Formal Training'

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In an interview with USA Today, the Right Wing shock jock Glenn Beck had the following to say:

Asked to define what he does, he says, "I'm a
little of everything." That includes "concerned dad," "faith-based guy,"
"businessman," "entertainer" and, after a long pause, "journalist."

"I don't have formal training as a journalist,
but I think that works to my advantage." He says too many reporters
don't follow Thomas Jefferson's advice to "question with boldness".

If Glenn Beck is a journalist, the term no longer means anything. Frothing out conspiracy theories on chalk boards while pretending to cry does not make one a journalist - it makes one an idiot. Beck is a paid corporate spokesman who is so completely oblivious to his role in the relentless Murdoch business agenda that he doesn't understand why he believes the things he does.

As public opinion turns against giant corporations and their insidious effect on democracy and human dignity, corporate power turns to ever more extreme characters to hawk their bullshit. Enter Glenn Beck. The Mormon showman is so ridiculous he must either be an actor or clinically insane. The non stop stream of illogical warbling is designed to exacerbate fear in disenfranchised, angry white people, in the same way that Hitler's intense but meaningless rants warmed a broken country up for war and militant fascism (and yes, I am comparing Beck to Hitler). Beck is on Fox News to ensure corporations maintain a strangle hold on the country and angry white people keep the black President in check.

A journalist questions power and attempts to hold it accountable. Glenn Beck saddles up to it and only asks it for a percentage.