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The Truth About Israel Ctd

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A reader at the Huff Post left the following comment on my article about Israel:

"The truth is that the creation of the Jewish state was based on the
theft of land from an indigenous people."

As well as USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Serbia, most of Russia,
all Arab countries in Africa, should I continue? You live in LA which
was occupied just 150 years ago militarily.

Australians exterminated every indigenous person in Tasmania, they have
peace. Should Israel do the same?

Armenia occupied Karabakh area of Azerbaijan. Every Azeri was driven
out, they have peace. Should Israel do the same?

Russia killed 9 out of 10 fighting age man in Chechnya, they have peace.
Should Israel do the same?

Don't get me started on Turkey... If Israel has something to be ashamed
of it is Armenian genocide denial.

All nation states were created out of some form of violence/theft. I'm
not arguing that Israel is somehow unique in its role as an occupying
force - far from it. I'm just asking that it acknowledges the truth
rather than disguise it through religious rhetoric and propaganda. One
major sticking point in the negotiations is the Palestinians refusal to
accept Israel's 'Right to exist'. No occupied people should accept that
their occupiers have inherent rights to occupy them. Palestinians can
accept that Israel does exist, but not that it has a right to exist.
It's a subtle point but one that make a huge difference to negotiations.
I am of the opinion that Israel demands Palestinians accept it has a
'right to exist' because they know they will never, ever accept it. They
can therefore continue to occupy them, expand their territory and use
Palestinians for cheap labor while claiming they 'don't want peace
because they wont accept our right to exist'. Can anyone please name
another country that has forced the people it occupies to accept their
'right to exist'? Countries do exist whether we like them or not -
something the Palestinians have formally acknowledged (they officially
recognize the state of Israel). Asking them to demean themselves even
more prevents serious dialogue from happening, something the Israeli
government seem to relish.