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Making it in America (and China)

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Ann Fields at TrueSlant looks at attitudes towards entrepreneurs around the world:

In this country, entrepreneurs are close to heroes, all-American,
independent-minded, do-it-yourselfers, the heart and soul of our
economy. So, it’s not surprising that 73% of Americans have positive
opinions of entrepreneurs.

But, apparently, that admiration is not shared by others. The study
found that just 49% of EU residents have the same high opinion of

At the same time, a significant number of Europeans–45%–want to be
their own boss. That’s substantial, especially when compared, say, to
the Japanese, where 39% have that preference. But it doesn’t compare to
the number of those in the U.S. who’d like to be on their own. (55%).

And which country is the most entrepreneurial? Communist China:

It’s China, where 71% of the population studied wants to be

It is completely unclear what this means, but I do think it interesting that a country that supposedly shuns the free market is the most entrepreneur friendly (at least by its own people). I would imagine that the power wielded by giant corporations in the West is doing more to damage to the entrepreneurial spirit than big government, where people know that they cannot start a business for fear of being out competed by a larger competitor.