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Obama's 'Tepid' Response to Israeli Crime

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Robert Scheer slams Obama for his failure to call Israel out on its blatant crime against the aid flotilla in international waters:

There is no subject on which American
journalists so disgrace themselves by embracing a double standard or
about which our politicians are permitted the kind of hypocritical
cop-out once again demonstrated by the tepid response of the Obama

If nothing else, this assault on decency by
the Israeli government was clearly intended to derail the peace talks
that President Barack Obama has encouraged. But instead of calling
Israel on its savagery, the U.S. is virtually alone in the world in its
embarrassingly mild rebuke. The politicians cave so shamelessly because
they know that media will be obsequiously tolerant of such immoral

The arguments coming from the pro Israel crowd are so silly it's hard to take any of them seriously. The notion that armed marines could illegally board an aid ship in international water and force them to turn around is absurd, yet the US political and media system has efficiently changed the narrative to make Israel the victim. The story now goes that the aid flotilla was a Hamas backed terrorist assault on Israel, and everything was done to try and avoid the conflict before it happened. The truth of course, is anything but. The flotilla was delivering much needed aid to an area destroyed and humiliated by Israel on a daily basis. According to the BBC, 'The ships were carrying 10,000 tonnes of goods, including school
supplies, building materials and two large electricity generators.'

Not exactly a threat to the nuclear armed and US backed Israeli super military.

Andrew Sullivan believes the Israeli doctrine has no interest in peace, only subjugation and humiliation:

When you end up killing civilians to prevent access to toys and
wheelchairs, you have lost any desire to win the war of ideas and have
retreated instead to the logic of force. The Bush-Cheney administration
is, in other words, alive and well ... and in Jerusalem.

Again, the only way to stop this insanity and prevent Israel from destroying itself and its neighbors in the process is for the US to apply real pressure on the government. While Netanyahu and his gang of thugs will kick, scream and shout, they know where the money comes from, and they will do as they are told if they think it might be cut off.