Former Ron Paul Aide Sends me Vicious Comments



Eric Dondero, a blogger and hardcore libertarian  from Texas didn't take too kindly to what I had to say on the idiocy of libertarian economics. He writes in:

What a
truly disgusting human being you are. That deli owner should have
smashed a corn beef sandwich in your face, and thrown you out into the

Hey jerkoff, we Libertarians not only support the Free Market cause
it's the most practical and most effective economic system ever
invented, we support it cause it is the MOST MORAL.

Taxation is theft. Government is coercion, when you get right down
to it. What right does the government have to put a gun to my head and
steal from me to support some moocher who wants to sit on their damn
couch all day long, munch on Cheetos and watch Oprah Winfrey?

We will defeat you. You all Commie Bastards days are numbered.

Eric Dondero, Publisher

Libertarian Republican

I thought the comments were pretty funny and insightful into the kind of people who militantly believe in the purity of markets etc, but I googled his name and found some surprising details on the 47 year old Navy vet. His bio on his site 'Libertarian Republican' reads as follows.

US Navy (hon.) & FSU Graduate.
Traveled to all 50 states and over 30 countries worldwide on 5
continents. Cert. Interpreter for Spanish. Also, fluent in Italian,
French & Portuguese. Author - "Worldwide Multilingual Phrase Book"
and "Vacation Spanish."
Politics: Founder, Republican Liberty Caucus, fmr. Libertarian Party
National Committeeman, Travel Aide Ron Paul, Libertarian for President
1987/88, Senior Aide to US Congressman Ron Paul 1997-2003, Co-Founder of
"Libertarians for Bush" in 2004; and Co-Founder of "Draft Sarah Palin
for VP" in 2008. Current - Petition Consultant for Property Rights and
other free market initiatives.

I called Ron Paul's office to see whether this was true - it turns out it was - and I was told that Mr Dondero left upon 'mutual agreement'. I pressed the nice woman who answered the call as to why he departed in 2003, and she told me 'let's just say he isn't working here any more'.

I've always found Ron Paul to be a decent man and I have a ton of respect for him given his opposition to the war, opposition to the banking bail out and opposition to infringements on civil liberties. However, I'm slightly stunned that he had a working relationship with Dondero for almost 20 years and wonder what other character he has working for the cause of unfettered free market capitalism. If Dondero is anything to go by, I think Paul should probably do a little investigating as to who is marching to his drum beat.

It also turns out that I am not alone in receiving hate mail from Mr Dondero. Here's a snippet of an email he sent a Montana blogger and American Prospect writer Jay Stephens for an article he wrote on pervasive fraud in the gathering of Montanans’ signatures for Howie Rich’s ballot initiatives:

Mr. Stephens, you are a f*cking *sshole

Stop lying you pr*ck!

You repeat only tired old Communist/Fascist leftwing talking points
in regards to brave libertarian petitioners who stood out in the
blizzard cold, and then 95 degree heat, to collect 80,000 signagtures
for property rights all over Montana. And instread of praising those of
us who petititioned you accuse us of engaging in “fraud.”

How f*cking dare you, asshole!!! I want a mother-f*cking retraction.

I’m a Veteran you f*cker. I served 4 years in the Navy. I have three
medals and an honorable discharge to show for it.

How many years did you serve? If your a non-Vet than shut the f*ck

There's usually nothing sadder than a middle aged angry white man venting on the internet about how 'the government stole my wages and gave it to black welfare mothers', but the fact that Dondero actually worked for a main stream political candidate (for President, no less), is actually quite disturbing.

I'm not going to bother writing any sort of response to Dondero's screaming because if he can't be bothered to formulate an intelligent response, there isn't any point. So I'll leave him to his basement where he is no doubt planning the removal of the illegitimate Muslim President (you'll find Mr Dondero ranting in the comments section, again).