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Why Glenn Greenwald is Awesome

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Glenn Greenwald's blog is a must read for those serious about the legality of government policy. The razor sharp former constitutional law and civil rights litigator sheds much needed light on political issues too often shrouded in rhetoric rather than fact. Here he is in fine form annihilating Greg Craigon ABC's 'round table' when it comes to assessing Elena Kagan's positions on major political issues:

I've largely avoided weighing in on the appointment of Kagan to the Supreme Court because as Greenwald points out, there isn't really much to say - she has absolutely no record on major court decisions over the past 40 years and is a virtual unknown entity. Couple that with screaming Republican rhetoric (she's a lesbian socialist etc) the whole debate seems rather pointless. It's a safe political move by Obama who has clearly opted for the least political choice possible, and one where each side has so little to go on the debate will probably just fizzle out after a lot of pointless back and forth.