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Epic British Election Nears an End


There's an hour to go in the U.K elections and it looks increasingly like a Conservative victory, but not necessarily a Tory majority. This could result in a very interesting scenario where the country doesn't have a fully functioning government for a number of months (it's hard to see how Gordon Brown could cling to power if they have less seats than the Tories). However, my feeling is that there is such apathy for Labour and not enough support for the Lib Dems that the Tories will do just enough to scrape through to form a government outright.

This is unfortunate given Cameron's pledge to cut the deficit with a series of harsh spending cuts on social services. I'm no fan of New Labour, but they have the right idea when it comes to getting the country out of the recession (spending is the way to go). A Tory government will subject Britain to unnecessary misery over the next couple of years, and I predict they'll either get booted out, or find another war to boost their popularity (think Thatcher and the Falklands). Either way, the poor and middle classes will suffer.