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'Curing' Homosexuality


The brilliant Derren Brown weighs in ton the 'gay conversion' seminars being offered by religious nut cases:

Regardless of how ridiculous (and offensive, if you take offense at
such things) it may sound to ‘cure’ gay people, there are plenty of
unhappy people – especially, I would imagine, those holding a religious
belief – who would welcome the idea of an easy change to being straight.
It would be lovely to think that a church at least in part devoted to
peace on earth and making people happier would turn their efforts
towards the far more helpful cause of educating people to accept
(through whatever complex play of nature and/or nurture) how they or
others have turned out in life. I’m sure plenty of Christians – even
Tories – find such ‘therapy’ quite distasteful, however confusedly
well-meaning it might be within the world of the gross religious
presumptions it inhabits. I hope that both groups have the sense to
publicly distance themselves from this confused and probably quite
harmful practice. I read of such things now and shiver.