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Why Sarah Palin is Viewed as a Serious Politician

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Andrew Sullivan on why someone as intellectually challenged as Sarah Palin has survived as a 'serious' politician:

Palin managed to sail through the campaign without any real scrutiny on a
crucial matter of credibility, when proving her case would have been as
easy as a simple fax of a readily available extract from what must have
been voluminous medical records. But not even the McCain campaign asked
for such evidence. And the press utterly bailed. Now, she is able to
use one powerful propaganda outlet, press-restricted buck-raking
speeches, and a book of magical realism to continue this creepy.
unaccountable celebrified campaign.

Historians will someday look back on the Sarah Palin phenomenon as a symbol of pax Americana's climactic demise. Palin represents all that is wrong with America - the cookie cutter good looks and image that betrays a shallow, painfully dysfunctional reality and the pretend empathy for working people that masks a brutalist corporate agenda. Palin is a spokeswoman for greedy, powerful interests that have brought America to the brink of destruction, plucked from obscurity to appeal to people's fears and hatred and trained to focus it away from those truly responsible. And the sad thing is, she still has no idea, and her handlers will do anything to keep it that way.