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Nick Clegg, Liberalterian

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Andrew Sullivan sums up the Lib Dem leader's political platform, branding him a ''liberaltarian" . I've never really taken the Lib Dems seriously before, probably because I subscribed to the conventional wisdom that they were unelectable. Always one to jump on the bandwagon, I'm now a big supporter given the fact they might just be able to pull it off. The argument that the Labour Party and the Conservatives are some how the 'serious' parties simply doesn't wash any more. One party broke Britain in two by creating massive wealth inequality and a permanent underclass, and the other simply carried it on, dressing up structural problems with gimmick policies and continuing the culture of extreme cynicism. The Lib Dems might not be the answer to all of Britain's problems, but I think the British public should give them a chance given how badly the other parties have screwed it up.