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Israel's International Standing Takes a Battering

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The Israeli governments belligerence in recent month is now costing the state dearly. Israeli primeminister Benjamin Netanyahu has been publicly berated by the United States for announcing the continued construction of settlements during an American state visit, and Britain has now expelled an Israeli diplomat over the illegal use of forged British passports in a Mossad assassination.

The fact that Israel’s image is taking a battering in the US is a sign of just how far right the Netanyahu coalition government is. It has been standard American protocol never to overtly criticize Israel, even in when it is annihilating Palestinians in Gaza or the West Bank under the thinnest of pretexts. But times are changing and it is now becoming acceptable in mainstream circles to question whether the Israeli colonization of the Palestinian territories is in our interests in the long run. The continued suppression of the Palestinian people is causing huge hate and resentment in the region, and given the US and UK have thousands of troops in the Middle East, it might not be in their interests to have them quite so enraged.

While the criticisms of the rogue state should be welcomed, it is interesting that the morality of the occupation is not in question, only its relevance to US/UK strategic interests in the region.

Had Israel been criticized while it was committing atrocious acts of violence against the largely defenseless population of Gaza in 2008, lives may have been saved. Our commitment to peace and human rights , it seems, only happens when they serve our interests.