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Sean Hannity Owes His Charity Donors an Explanation

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My good friend Robert is a political consultant (the guy you go to if you want serious research on your opponent) and had the following to say about Sean Hannity's rip of charity:

As a researcher who gets paid to look at this sort of material for a
living, I must agree with Ms. Schlussel's assessment; her numbers are
absolutely legit.
Her source in question is called a "Form 990." All tax exempt
organizations and charities must fill out an annual report that is then
submitted to the IRS.
FYI, one does not even need to submit a FOIA request to see these
documents. All 990 forms for every charity out there is available online
I strongly encourage your readers to visit this site and type in the
name of a charity to make sure they're putting their money where their
mouth is, as it were.
In the case of Hannity's "charity," I was able to find their records
back to 2002. Since 2004, the Alliance has received $46 million in
donations, plus another $3 million in investments. The fund currently
has $19 million
For the 2008 tax year, they gave $802,250 in scholarships to 167
children of veterans and only $266,651 to 429 wounded veterans. The fund
also claims $301,162 spent on 12,524 recipients for meals and family
events. Contrast that to the $3 million spent in direct mail
That being said, Ms. Schussel really has done her homework and Hannity
owes some serious answers to his viewers, his donors, and the veterans
he claims to support.

With numbers like this, Hannity should be ashamed of himself and offer to personally reimburse his donors for the money they have wasted flying Sean and his pals around the country.