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The Lovely Tea Baggers

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A man with Parkinson's disease sat in front of a Tea Bag protest in Ohio and was subjected to some unthinkable abuse (via Chez Pazienza):

I know this might sound a little strange, but I actually feel more sorry for the Tea Baggers in this terribly sad video. Their uncontrolled, vicious rage is born out of a deeply cynical political climate where they have been manipulated and lied to beyond comprehension. I can only imagine what type of psychological pressure many of these struggling, lower middle class white men are under as their government ships their jobs abroad, allows corporations to steal from them and takes their tax dollars and chucks them at banks. They have been cut out of the system and forgotten about, and feel the need to take it out on someone. Unfortunately, Fox News and the GOP have ensured that they don't take it out on the real culprits and have channeled their anger towards those least able to defend themselves. It's a tragedy of epic proportions and makes you wonder whether serious dialogue between Right and Left in America can ever happen.