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Rove's Puppy Love for Bush

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After reading Karl Rove's new book on the Bush Presidency, Paul Begala describes the cynical manipulator's man-crush on the mock Texan:

It turns out (spoiler alert!) that the George W. Bush of Mr. Rove’s
tale is strong and brave and wise and kind. He is a man—well, that’s
unfair, a god, really, or at least a demigod—possessed of valor and
vigor, poise and pluck, humor and humility. His description of his
first meeting with the future president sounds like something out of
Tiger Beat: "George W. Bush walked through the front door, exuding more
charm and charisma than is allowed by law. He had on his Air National
Guard jacket, jeans, and boots." This passage works best if, while
you're reading it, you listen to Donny Osmond sing "Puppy Love."

I'm not inclined to even skim through Rove's book, which by all accounts is a work of pure fiction. Rove is a professional propagandist and liar, so why anyone thinks they will learn anything from it other than: 1. Rove thinks Bush is Awesome, and 2. Rove thinks everything he and Bush did was great, is completely beyond me. I guess future historians could construe the book as some kind of insight into the self deceit and shamelessness that went on in the inner circles of the Bush administration, but really it's like reading a 'tell all' book written by the head of marketing for Coca Cola on why Coca Cola is awesome. I.e it's pointless.