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Democrats Finally Getting it

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Chris Dodd finally sees the pointlessness of working with Republicans on financial regulations. From the AP:

Unable to muster bipartisan agreement on key banking provisions, Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd said Thursday he will offer his own version of a sweeping overhaul of financial regulations without Republican support.
A month of talks between Dodd and Republican Sen. Bob Corker had found common ground on but details on key provisions, including consumer protections and other sticking points.
"Together we have made significant progress and resolved many of the items, but a few outstanding issues remain," Dodd said in a statement. Dodd said he still aimed to get a consensus bill, but said time was running out.

The GOP is almost entirely beholden to the banks, so working with them to regulate the system that pays for their campaigns is literally like asking a fox to help design a hen house. Hopefully, the Democrats are learning that people do not want bipartisanship. They want the Democrats to do something. Maybe, just maybe, it's starting to sink in.