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Obama Blasts Insurance Industry and GOP over Health Care

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In a final sprint to push his health care package through, Obama has been on the trail blasting Republicans and the insurance industry. From the AP:

President Barack Obama accused insurance companies of placing profits over people and said Republicans ignored long-festering problems when they held power as he sought to build support Monday for swift passage of legislation stalled in Congress.
"How much higher do premiums have to rise before we do something about it?" said Obama, making the first in an expected string of out-of-town trips to pitch his plan to remake the health care system.
The president said dismissively that Republican critics in Congress say they want to do something about rising health care costs, but said they did not when they held power. "You had 10 years. What happened. What were you doing?" he said to applause from an audience at Arcadia University.

I'm not sure about the criticism of insurance companies putting profits over people - I mean, isn't that the point of private industry? To make a profit? Obama might as well criticize winter for making it cold. The point here is that the private insurance industry should have NOTHING to do with health care, because health care is about people, not profit.

Regardless, the fact that Obama is punching hard against opponents of reform is a positive thing, and hopefully it will bear fruit in the following weeks.