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Republican Talking Points

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I've just been watching the health care summit on MSNBC - a great piece of political theater for all you political junkies (you can watch it live on CSPAN). Obama is basically using this as a tool to expose the Republican stance on health care reform as completely bogus, and the Republicans are (attempting) to use it as a tool to portray the President as an extreme socialist, bent on having a government takeover of health care.

But the best stuff is happening outside of the debate. Republicans are on standby with their Frank Luntz written talking points regurgitating the same nonsense to the networks. The talking points are as follows:

"Obama is lecturing us like a professor, not a President"

"Obamacare 2.0"

"Obama is doing deals behind closed doors" (despite of course, him doing a health care summit on live TV)

"The American people don't want a government takeover of their health care"

"We can't afford to reform health care"

They are going to continue repeating this nonsense, acting on the premise that if you chuck enough mud, some of it will stick. But if the Democrats and the President continue to make debate public and call the Republicans on their B.S, there's a good chance they'll push their reforms through without giving an inch to the other side that has zero interest in serious health care reform.