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Help, Help, Help

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Keith Olbermann was on rare form tonight, emotionally pleading with Democrats and Republicans to pass a meaningful healthcare reform bill at the health care summit this week. Olbermann's father is gravely ill, and Olbermann painfully recounted his heroic battle with a plethora of maladies over the past 6 months. Olbermman's father had asked him to kill him a few days earlier to stop the horrific pain he is in, prompting him to discuss the 'Death Panel' topic Republicans have used to smash insurance reform ('Death Panels' was the term coined by Sarah Palin regarding end of life consultations). Olbermann wants to rename 'Life Panels' because of their vital importance in difficult times, and urged politicians to give Americans the same chance his father has. It was emotional and riveting stuff, and once again, Olbermann hits the nail right on the head:

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