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Wall St Threatens to Send Money to GOP

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Having chucked millions of dollars at the Democrats, Wall St is having a little buyers remorse as Obama's rhetoric turns sour on them. The bankers who almost single handedly blew up the economy are now funneling money to Republicans to protest their treatment by the Democrats. Not satisfied with the billions of dollars the Obama administration threw at them to prevent the economy disintegrating and their bonus scheme collapsing, they think they can get a better deal from the GOP that has been busy sucking up to them in the hopes of becoming the favored party again.

And as usual, while the Republicans are jumping over themselves to service the needs of multi billionaires, they are masquerading as ambassadors of the everyman. Writes Glenn Greenwald:

TheGOPis out there successfully pretending in front of the angry tea
partiers that they, too, are furious about Wall Street's gorging and
domination of Washington, all while simultaneously crawling to Wall
Street and pledging to be good little boys and girls -- and to keep the
agitated masses at bay -- if Wall Street once again purchases them
rather than the Democrats. The only thing more absurd than the
Democrats' pretending to be the Populist Party of the People is the
Republican Party's doing so.

It's a clever trick, and apparently one the American public has failed to understand for many years.

It's the same trick that allowed a man with 8 houses and a fleet of cars to successfully portray his opponent as a liberal elitist, and the same trick that allowed a man born into unimaginable privilege and prosperity to parade as a beer drinking, Texas simple man.

Unfortunately, if people don't catch on quickly, we'll find ourselves in another financial quagmire and will have Sarah Palin to turn to.