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Kraft Screws Cadbury Workers

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Surprise, surprise, corporate giant Kraft is canning 400 people at Britain's historic Cadbury factory in Somerdale in England. Why? Because it's cheaper to make chocolate in Poland. From the Independent:

Food giant
today signalled the loss of up to 400 jobs by announcing the closure of a Cadbury factory - despite earlier promises to keep it open.
The US firm said it was "unrealistic" to reverse Cadbury's plans to shut the site at Somerdale near Bristol and announced that the factory would shut by 2011.
Kraft, whose five-month battle for control of the confectioner was sealed earlier this month, had pledged to retain the plant.
But today it said Cadbury had already spent £100 million on building new facilities in Poland and most production would be transferred by the middle of this year.

This is another example of the insanity of unfettered capitalism. Yes, a greater profit can be made by shipping jobs abroad, but the people's whose lives the move will make a misery are not factored into the equation. I guess it's why they call it 'savage capitalism'.