Socialist Black Water Wants Government Money


The private military corporation Black Water (now known as 'Xe') now wants more government cash to do things the actual military could do, but for far more money (around a billion dollars).

This is another classic case of the corporate-socialist system that is passed off to the American public as 'the free market'. The fact is, tax payers money is going towards a private, largely unaccountable company that only benefits itself. The soldiers are paid far more than US army soldiers and there is little evidence to say they do a better job. It seems to be a blank spot in people like Dick Cheney and John McCain's mind when they support a parasitic company like Xe and simultaneously call for government to stop intervening in the market.

You could call them ignorant, but I think it's fair to say they're willfully deceiving the public. They know better, and continue to support a corrupt system that only benefits themselves and bankrolls their campaigns.