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Sarah Palin: It's Okay for Rush Limbaugh to Insult the Handicapped

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I'm trying to avoid weighing in on this latest controversy as I still have a hard time giving Sarah Palin serious attention, but the news that Palin says it's okay for Rush Limbaugh to use the term 'retard' because it's 'satire' and not for Rahm Emmanuel when he says it in private was simply to good to pass up on.

Palin's ridiculous assertion proves three thing:

1. She has no intellectual or moral consistency.

2. She doesn't really care about the word and was using it to score political points.

3. Rush Limbaugh controls the GOP.

Palin's outbursts on matters of national importance are becoming a feature of political news. Whenever she decides to have a rant about taxes, drilling in Alaska, or some perceived slight by a nasty liberal, Palin has an entire media infrastructure to echo her thoughts. The problem is, Palin can barely string a sentence together, let alone a coherent political ideology.

As a result, we get a schizophrenic stream of consciousness that makes no sense whatsoever. The notion that Rahm Emmanuel should resign for something he said in private that Palin finds offensive is ridiculous, but her logic that concludes Limbaugh shouldn't resign for the same offense in public goes even further into the realms of the absurd.

The fact is, Sarah Palin doesn't know what she is saying. And when she crossed Rush Limbaugh (who does know exactly what he is saying), she was quickly slapped back into place. The whole debacle is so painfully childish and transparent that even the most hardcore Tea Baggers won't be able to explain what their de facto leader is on about.

Unfortunately, it doesn't really matter. Palin is way beyond explaining her garbled rants, and it seems her fans will cheer her on regardless.

It's funny for the rest of us, but I'm seriously considering leaving the US if this woman makes a run for President in 2012. And it looks like she probably will.