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The Angelina Jolie and Dick Cheney Method

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Matt Osborne picks up on how the rich and powerful manipulate the media to get what they want:

Jolie is not the first movie star to turn the gossip media into their own personal stovepipe, though to be sure she is today the very best at this game. The system is really quite simple:

Leak an outrageous story to eager reporters.

Watch the tabloids outdo each other.

Give an exclusive interview in which you complain about the coverage, citing the tabloid covers.

Call the studio and tell them you want ten million for the sequel to Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Now consider the Dick Cheney method:

Leak an outrageous story to Judith Miller.

Watch the press erupt.

Wave the New York Times headline on a Sunday talk show.

Invade Iraq.

And now you know how the mainstream media works for the powerful and famous instead of informing you.