Finally, Someone Asks Obama a Real Question on Israel/Palestine


Mainstream politicians in America rarely talk about the horrific Israeli abuse of the Palestinian people, particularly Presidents. The Israel lobby is enormously powerful in America, and Palestinians are barely viewed as human beings, let alone an oppressed people. For that reason, there is a stalemate in the region as the US refuses to curb its support of Israel's continued expansion into Palestinian territory and continued human rights violations. The US sends over 6 billion dollars in military aid to Israel, much of which is used to terrorize Palestinians on a daily basis. Palestinians are subject to routine invasions, military check points in their own land, economic strangulation and collective punishment.

This isn't to say that the Palestinians are entirely innocent; they share a portion of the blame for the increasingly hostile environment (the use of terrorism against innocent civilians, massive government corruption and unhelpful rhetoric), but they are most certainly the victims of an occupying force.

The refusal of US politicians to recognize what the rest of the planet sees as plainly obvious is a sign of the corrupting influence of lobbying. And Barack Obama is just as guilty as anyone else in the mainstream political arena.

In a townhall event in Florida, a young Muslim woman asked Obama why the US supports terrorism against the Palestinians, and Obama struggled to explain his position on the issue. He began by asserting his unwavering support of Israel, but conceded that Palestinians have 'legitimate aspirations too'. It was a typical non answer and a troubling example of the continued US support for Israeli human rights abuses. Watch below: