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Fox Takes Over the Republican Party

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I've tried hard not to watch Sarah Palin's debut as a Fox News analyst. Every time I watch her attempt to take part in political discourse, I end up cringing so badly I have to turn the TV off. The thought of her airing her opinions on a daily basis to a large audience is a prospect I find truly frightening. I thought it would be bad, but when I finally plucked up the courage to watch a portion of her interview with fellow frothing at the mouth Christian Glenn Beck, I was gobsmacked at how shallow minded and idiotic the woman is. Truly shocked. We saw some mind boggling stupidity during the campaign, but this bizarre, paranoid, pseudo intellectual 'discussion' plunged new depths of cynical propaganda and shallow populism that Fox has been churning out as 'News' for the past two decades.

The incorporation of Sarah Palin into the Rupert Murdoch/Roger Ailes media empire marks a turning point in the Republican party. As Andrew Sullivan writes:

Forget the RNC, Michael Steele or John Boehner. Ignore Romney.The new
RNC is FNC. Roger Ailes is creating a new political entity that could
redefine the right in America for a generation, and if it gets to
power, will make the two terms of George W. Bush look like a golden
era. No one in the GOP can stop this. Because Ailes now has their
entire base in his hands. What he frames they will believe.

Palin's legitimacy as a political entity in America is now being solidified by powerful corporate media interests, and a brand is being built around her. It is an enormously profitable industry, as Palin is a blank slate on which various special interests can write whatever they like. She doesn't know anything and has little intellectual capacity to decipher incoming information, but she looks nice and can sort of say the right thing (with a lot of prompting). Palin is being re-tooled for a run in 2012, and her presence on Fox gives her a platform to rally the crazies against Obama and the 'elite' they despise so badly.

If we thought the 2008 elections were interesting, just wait. Fox has almost 3 years to turn Palin into whatever they want, and we can be sure it won't be pretty.