Vermont Wants to Secede From the Nation?


A slew of candidates are emerging in Vermont who believe Vermont has a better chance of success independent of the United States. While they don't have much of a chance, the reasoning isn't faulty and could be a sign of things to come. From the AP:

Peter Garritano thinks it's time for Vermont to call it quits with America.

way the 54-year-old automobile salesman sees it, the "empire" is about
to implode and tiny Vermont can lead the way by becoming its own
independent republic. So he's running for lieutenant governor, topping
a slate of secession-minded candidates seeking statewide offices this

Their name: Vermont Independence Day.

only hope is to just say, 'Look, this isn't working for us. We want to
start fresh again, with a real democracy,'" Garritano said. "I think
that's the answer. Hopefully, it won't take another horrible economic
breakdown to realize that the people running things don't look out for
the little guy, or us, or the soldiers. It's all about profit and
getting the last drops of oil on Earth and trampling people's rights."