Bristol Palin Now a Political Consultant


Yes, you heard it right, 19 year old Bristol is now a professional political consultant. From Gawker:

Bristol Palin
has formed BSMP, LLC to provide "lobbying, public relations, and
political consulting services." The 19-year-old would-be power broker's
first client, revealed by MSNBC's Rachel Maddow,
is the pro-abstinence Candie's Foundation. The firm is named for the
initials of Bristol Sharon Marie Palin, which makes it distinctly less
exciting-sounding than mother Sarah Palin's Pie Spy LLC.

The thought of hiring a teenage mother from a town the size of a football field to be a political consultant is about as ludicrous as it gets in politics, topped only by that teenage girl's mother pretending to be qualified to be the Vice President of the United States. What's next, Trig Palin to be spokesperson for offshore drilling in Alaska? Levi Johnston for Senator?