NFL Concussions


Some terrifying stats on the devastating effects of multiple concussions in the NFL:

A survey of 1,000 retired professional players by the University of
Michigan found 19 times more Alzheimer's disease or dementia than
normal for men aged 30 to 49. An earlier study by the University of
North Carolina had also found higher levels of dementia among retired
players who had suffered concussions.....Microscopic analysis of the brains of National Football League players
who have died with a history of dementia and depression reveals a
pattern. Many display an accumulation of tau, an abnormal protein that
can impair brain cell function. It is now understood that tau is formed
after a trauma to the head, which provokes a chemical reaction that in
turn leads to a deposit of the protein. Repetitive trauma can lead to a
build-up, which not only eventually kills the brain cells but can also
lead to an imbalance of neurotransmitters believed to be responsible
for mood swings, depression and other symptoms of CTE.

As a sports fan, I find it completely disgusting that players are allowed to continue their careers after suffering multiple concussions. Boxers are banned from fighting for 90 days after a knockout, yet there are no rules in the NFL that stops players going on the field after receiving a severe blow to the head. As a matter of public safety, this needs to change quickly.