Technology for the New Decade


Tech Crunch predicts what technologies will make a difference to our lives in the coming decade:

  1. Geo: The combination of GPS chips in mobile phones, social networks, and increasingly innovative mobile apps means that geolocation
    is increasingly becoming a necessary feature for any killer app. I’m
    not just talking about social broadcasting apps like Foursquare and
    Gowalla. The advent of Geo APIs from Twitter , SimpleGeo, and
    hopefully Facebook will change the game by adding rich layers of
    geo-related data to all sorts of apps. Twitter just recently launched
    its own Geo API for Twitter apps and acquired Mixer Labs, which created
    the GeoAPI.

  2. Realtime Search: After licensing realtime data streams
    from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and others, Google and Bing are
    quickly ramping up their realtime search. But realtime search is still
    treated as a silo,
    and is not regularly surfaced in the main search results page. In
    2010, I expect that to change as the search engines learn for what
    types of searches it makes sense to show Tweets and other realtime
    updates. In the meantime, a gaggle of realtime search startups such as
    Collecta, OneRiot, and Topsy will continue to push the ball forward on
    the realtime search experience. Realtime search will also become a
    form of navigation, especially on Twitter and Facebook. The key will
    be to combine realtime search with realtime filters so that people are
    delivered not only the most recent information but the most relevant
    and authoritative as well.