Economic Stimulus a Life Line to the Poor


Conservative economists will tell you that during hard times, the government must reign in spending and slash welfare. This prescription for the economy has proven completely disastrous wherever applied, yet is still the mantra chanted by the Right. The math is very simple: If you are barely making enough to live on and rely on government assistance to make ends meet, any cuts will make a huge impact on your life. If you lose your job, social spending cuts are essentially a death sentence.

The economic stimulus, while viciously denounced by the Right, proved to be a lifeline to those in need. According to the Center on Budget Policy Priorities, the stimulus package passed by Obama saved 6 million people from dropping below the poverty line, and a further 33 million from severe poverty.

While the deficit has surely increased, the human impact has been significant. Republicans are beholden to an ideology that puts numbers over people, and balance sheets over suffering. If your neighbors house was burning down, would you make a fiscal calculation as to whether it would be prudent to help them, or would you run out and do whatever it took to make sure they survived and had a roof over their heads?

It seems obvious to most, but for conservatives, money reigns supreme.