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Charles Krauthammer and Iran

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Andrew Sullivan picks up on an excellent riposte to Charles Krauthammer from Krauthammer had written a piece on Obama's 'fecklessness' when it came to U.S policy towards Iran, asserting that the U.S had a duty to help the Iranian people topple its government.

Scott Lucas of Enduring America pointed out that Krauthammer has no interest in the Iranian people, and cares only about American and Israeli dominance in the region:

Please go away now and do not return to Iran as the setting for your
political assaults. For — and let this be acknowledged widely, if not
by you than by others — the “Iranian people” whom you supposedly praise
are merely pawn for your political games, which have little to do with
their aspirations, their fears, and their contest

Krauthammer has made a career out of advocating US imperial violence around the world and has no concept of soft power or diplomacy. Krauthammer masks his unquenching thirst for American power behind humanitarian rhetoric (nuclear disarmament and political freedom), but his lack of consistency betrays his true intentions. Krauthammer divides the world into good guys and bad guys according to the United States geopolitical interests. Krauthammer had no problem with Saddam while was gassing his own people and invading Iran, yet was virulently pro democracy when the Iraqi leader began to threaten the flow of cheap oil to the US. Krauthammer says nothing of human rights abuses in US client countries like Columbia or Egypt, but demands complete transparency and acquiescence to international law in Iran and Venezuela.

Krauthammer does not care about human rights or nuclear disarmament. He cares about open markets for US corporations, and detests any attempt at self determination if it runs contrary to US interest.
He's an armchair warrior who derives great joy from watching others fight wars he has helped sell.

In, short, he's a megalomaniac and a psychopath who has no business determining policy that affects people's lives.