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Cable News Ninjas

by Ari Rutenberg

According to John Cole at Balloon Juice, last night "Ed Schultz just spent fifteen minutes talking about the party crashers,
and actually said “What if one of them were a ninja? Obama could have
been killed.”"

My love of ninjas is well known, and I like Ed Schultz, but seriously what the hell is he talking about? I mean there's getting caught up in an irrelevant story...and then there's this, which just doesn't make any sense. This is just another example of cable news insanity. At this point how can these people seriously assert that they are providing any sort of public service? There's such an intense desire to make even the most mundane events massive controversies that it not only prevents important stories from being covered, it allows the MSM to idiotically speculate on total BS, though that's normally Fox's specialty.

And also, if were talking about ninjas, it would behoove Ed to remember that they don't use the front door and don't stand in receiving lines. If ninja's wanted to attack Obama, we'd never see them or know who did it because, ya know, they're fucking ninjas.

Check out the video from MSNBC:

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