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U.K Iraq War Inquiry - No Direct Prosecutions

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Daily Banter contributor Nana Ampofo comments:

Things that concern me about this inquiry:

1) composition - no military personnel, retired or otherwise, but there's room for two historians

2) this is not a judicial process i.e. it will not lead to any
prosecutions directly; however, some will be given immunity for their

Again, why should the U.K tax payer foot the bill for this nonsense? This would never stand up to the rigorous procedures of common criminal courts. It is a show trial with a predetermined outcome, even though damning evidence that WMDs were never the reason we went to war in the first place has been placed in front of the panel. We know for fact that the U.S and U.K planned to depose Saddam Hussein regardless of the evidence against him, defied international law and illegally invaded a country that had never threatened us.

Examining the evidence, while interesting, is useless unless it has real consequence. It would be like investigating the child abuse covered up by the Catholic Church and not prosecuting anyone who had clearly violated the law.