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No Irritating Questions for Sarah Palin Please

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Sarah Palin's book tour while wildly popular with Republicans is having an opposite and equal effect amongst liberals. The amount of ire she has managed to create is extraordinary, and every liberal blog is devoting huge amounts of space to ridiculing her every move.

I feel slightly silly spending so much time on her, but given her prominence in the national dialogue, it is probably justified.

In an interview with Bill O'Reilly, Palin claimed that she didn't tell Katie Couric which newspapers she read, because she was irritated with Couric's condescending tone. As a former candidate for Vice President, and increasingly likely candidate for President in 2012, this is completely ridiculous. It's one thing for Carrie Prejean to threaten to walk off Larry King's show when asked about her sex tape, and another for a mainstream, national politician to dismiss a question from a major journalist on a major network. As Bob Cesca points out:

She's making it so that she doesn't have to answer difficult questions.
There's no need for her to be informed now because the hard questions
that require thought, insight or research are just plain offensive to
her and her fanboys. That's the precedent she's setting up here. Hard
questions = They Hate Sarah.

If Palin thought that was bad, take a look at what British politicians have to go through on a weekly basis when running for office:

In any other industrialized country on earth, Palin would be considered a giant joke, but in America, the powerful influence of money has corrupted the political process so badly that a woman who cannot recite the newspapers she reads is seriously being considered for the highest office in the land. Why? Because she will parrot talking points from her paymasters and never, ever ask serious questions.