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Why the Rich Smear Unions

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Here's Glenn Beck smearing the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) in an easily disprovable rant:

Smearing unions is a time tested trick that the rich and powerful use over and over again to further their financial interests.

In America, people are brought up to believe that unions are the source of all evil - a looming monster that would turn the USA red if it had the chance. They are anti capitalist, anti work, and the reason why business never does as well as it could. Profits would be higher and business would be booming if those pesky workers wouldn't demand a living wage and health care benefits.

As wages decline and living standards deteriorate, this trick is getting harder and harder to pull off. Exposing regular working people to the ravages of the market hasn't made business better, and it hasn't improved anyone's life other than the corporate executives who helped enact it.

The truth is, while unions are often corrupt and inefficient, they pale in comparison to the utterly insane inner workings of modern mega corporations. Unions provide an essential lifeline to struggling workers on wages they can't live on and provide a forum where workers can have their views heard. They improve people's lives and ensure that minimum standards of health and safety are followed in companies that otherwise wouldn't care.

Without unions, working Americans would simply not survive.

People like Glenn Beck are hired on networks like Fox because they help sell the agenda of the rich and powerful to middle Americans who don't know any better. Beck is a clown who probably believes his own rhetoric, but the people behind him most certainly don't. As most of America turns into a 3rd world service sector for the rich, constant stream of propaganda is needed to reinforce the idea that it is somehow for the best. As the notion becomes more and more absurd, so too does the propaganda.

Beck is the last line of defense for an utterly corrupt system, and his schizophrenic, paranoid behavior reveals the desperation of an elite struggling to justify their position in society.